Eldav's investment strategy is focused on high-potential, mid to large-sized companies, mainly in the industrial, services and commercial sectors. Eldav focuses on companies with long operating history, primarily in traditional industries and with accordance with the experience and relative advantage of Eldav's team.

Eldav seeks for involvement and support of its investments, aimed at growth in their market of operations. Such support includes optimizing capital resources, establishing growth strategy, business development, as well as involvement in capital raising, acquisitions and divestitures, all with close cooperation with portfolio companies' management.

Investment Criteria

Eldav's investment decisions are based on several factors, adjusted to the industry in which the target companies operate, including:

  • Solid business model and leading market position;
  • Positive cash flow;
  • Experiences management with appropriate incentives;
  • Product or service with export potential;
  • Ability to influuance through significant ownership interest;
  • Capital structure.

Added Value

We target companies to which we have identified the potential to enhance value. Eldav seeks to leverage its investment experience, industry knowledge and business network to assist portfolio companies in achieving growth, improving profitability and creating value, including: