Investor Relations

Home appliances follow you
(25 August 2017)
The Smart Home is a concept that everyone knows, but even those who are satisfied with only a smart vacuum cleaner or a security system may be surprised by the amount of his personal information that can be obtained through smart devices.

Eldav will invest in IJump entertainment complexes at a value of NIS 15 million
(25 June 2017)
Will invest alongside Avishai Kotlitzky in IJump, which was founded two years ago and ended 2016 with revenues of NIS 23 million and a profit of NIS 2.6 million.

Comsec: 30 years of innovative cyber security
(January 2017)
Comsec, one of the most powerful designers of information security in Israel, is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Jochanan Sommerfeld, CEO of the Comsec Group: "Along with quality manpower, seniority and international experience, we are careful to be at the forefront of cyber technology and provide our customers with the widest range of services in Israel."